Tonjin Larngi

A 12 year old girl from the city of joy.


Ton is a short long-limbed kid with short, straw-like black hair.
Weapon: BO


“what a sad sight to see…” the man said placing his whiskey glass on the table. laying in the bed was a small girl, a little over 13. her hair was a dark black, with fair skin sunburned, the red color dulled by the coat of sand that encased her. she was still alive of course, her shallow breathing came with an occasional coughing fit.
“who’s this?” the man’s wife came out from the master bedroom looking at the child.
“don’t know.” the man grunted taking off his boots.
“found ’er passed out in the middle of the desert as I was heading back” he turned his chair toward the bed with a glass of water trying to wake the kid up
“oh gods! you don’t think she’s from….” she leaned in
“Joy don’t you?” the woman’s face twisted into one of worry.
“probably, unless she’s secretly an elf!” the man let out a small chuckle watching the girls eyes open ever so slightly, coughing lightly.
“yer awake!” he smiled, his broken teeth showing"
“not so loud she just woke up! poor thing. I’ll put on an extra meal tonight, don’t prod her too much” with that the woman scurried into the kitchen to prepare dinner.
The girl sat up, looking around, her eyes then locking on the man not saying a word.
“I brought you a glass of water” the man handed the glass to her, the Girl grabbing it hastily drinking its contents without hesitation. The man kept his warm smile.
“what was a little thing like you doin’ out in the middle of the desert?” the man asked.
She looked up from her glass trying to find the words,
“Ran away from the bad place,” she said blandly. her accent was not particularly strong but you could hear that it meddled with her words in a nice manner.
“you mean joy?” the man’s eyes hardened for a moment. "lucky you survived walking all the way out here! all there is outside the city is The man rubbed his chin in thought “what be your name girl?”
She responded quickly “Ton, Tonjin Larngi” the man repeated “ton” as if to remember it “a nice name, call me Faogryne” the girl tried to pronounce it but it came out, “faagine” Tonjin frowning. the man on the other hand laughed.

Tonjin Larngi

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